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The Best Online Services For Travelers

This article provides you the latest services offered by tourism suppliers to end users through online system.
World Tourism Forum online travel services

The Best Online Services For Travelers

This article provides you the latest services offered by tourism suppliers to end users through online system. End users, aka tourists/travelers can get the most out of online services offered by businesses by saving their time, efficiency and some additional services.

1. Online Air Flight and Airport services

a. Online Air Flight Booking

Online reservation systems were introduced in late 2000s, this is the moment they went mass market. After 15 years the situation changed drastically due to innovations in web concept and introduction of new web 2.0 models: frequent flyers already have an App installed in their smartphones enabling them to purchase a ticket any time in few minutes.

Online ticket can be purchased on airlines website, as well as in another online travel agency (OTA), which offers additional hotel and car rental reservation opportunities.

b. Online Check-In

Waiting queues during check-in procedures were revealed to be the most distracting moments for travelers.

In that sense, online check-in is one of the best technological inventions introduced by airlines. If you have no baggage, things are even simpler: check-in online 24 hours prior to you flight, choose your seat, print your boarding pass and you can go directly to passport control.

c. Online VIP Lounge Booking

Business travelers now have an opportunity to reserve their place in one of the VIP or business lounges online in advance by downloading an app to their smartphones and pressing no more than 5 buttons.

d. Online Frequent Flyer Programme shopping

Some airlines offer new shopping experience, using miles you earned during your flights. Check your latest miles status and go shopping online!

2. Online Hotel & Accommodation Services

a. Online Reservation

Hotel, hostels, villas booking services are available online. Moreover, you can book your nearby family hotel online as well.

b. Online Hotel Amenities Ordering

One of the most astonishing developments in hotel industry is offered service to order small hotel amenities, such as towel refreshment, water and minibar directly through smartphone application.

3. Online Transportation Services

a. Online Taxi Ordering

Many taxi services are available in the market giving opportunity to order taxi by using online system.

b. Online Destination Maps

Many travel advisory sites switched their online guide content to powerful online applications with maps and user ratings. Some of the features can be used offline as well.

c. Online Public Transportation Guides

Big municipalities and cities offer now an opportunity to not get lost in the way by using their online system of hub guides, maps and schedule for public transportation. If you are in a new city, the best thing you can do is to download the latest app and find your out the fastest way.

d. Online Yacht and Sea Transport Reservation

Sea transportation is also available online. Sailing, yacht rentals can be done using local or international online system providers.

e. Online Car Sharing Tools

The success of Uber in the United States showed how service combined with online system can bring the most economic value for society.

f. Online Car Rental Booking Systems

No need to seek for car rental services in a city you are not familiar with. You can do it online!

4. Online Destination Marketing services

a. Online Ticketing for Events (festivals, concerts, forums)

Online system of ticketing for events was introduced to facilitate ticket purchases for end user. Destination marketers should develop more services available online.

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