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New Traveling Systems: Carpooling

Mobility paradigm, which accompanied humanity from ancient times, brought new inventions, transportation methods and communication systems.

Starting with invention of ship, automobiles, railways and finally air carriers, we now have all kinds of mobility providers. Mobility, however, comes with certain fuel costs.

Filling market gaps – Carpooling business model

Carpooling model for new businesses started being developed in Europe, USA and Asian countries as an alternative for public transportation, especially for travelers, who don’t have their own car.

Carpooling starts its history in World War II, when gasoline prices were at the highest level. It was also very popular during oil crises in 1973 and 1979 energy crisis.

Internet facilitated carpooling opportunities through apps and online reservation websites.

The most popular carpooling company in Europe is, German based company, operating since 2001 and which was sold to, French based carpooling company, operating since 2006 and now being present in 18 countries worldwide. has more than 300 employees, more than 2 million users per month and more than 5 million App downloads.

Uber, established in USA in 2011, considered as international transportation network, is now gaining more and more market share. Uber introduced new notion to present carpooling industry by being offering international network and possibility to be present in all parts of the globe.


Although carpooling has a lot of advantages in terms of reduced gas emissions, providing good alternative to public transportation for both car owners and travelers, it has backsides as well.

Regulation of carpooling market is obscure, as in countries, where carpooling is practiced it is still considered illegal to take passengers for private car owners.

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