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Filling Market Gaps in Tourism
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Filling Market Gaps in Tourism

Along with the emergence of low-cost airlines, new airlines business model filling a market gap in aviation industry, other B2B and B2C tourism enterprises have started being established as well. The main feature of tourism industry is that it is correlated with a lot of other life spheres in such a way, that it can offer a package of fun, history, culture, world cognition and education all in one time and place. Tourism opportunities are going as far as imagination can afford, starting from eco-tourism and ending with space tours provision.

Virtual Travel Advisors

Trip-advisory sites and books on traveling tips are filling the vast apps market and literature and making trips and traveling be arranged without any need for tour operators. Online tour and guide apps have been demanded, used and developed by increasing speed. According to Nielson Marketing Research, travel app market is booming. Average amount of time spending on apps is 95% more than spending on web sites. Moreover, in 2012 usage of travel apps increased by 116% and according to Red Shift Research, 50% of smartphone users download new travel apps before going on a trip.

Help from Gadgets

Travel equipment providers are not sleeping as well, constantly refreshing their offers in line with consumer demand for more sophisticated, technology and savvy solutions, such as outdoor water-resistant tablets, travel speakers, watches, headphones, navigators, tents, clothing and more.

Marine Traveling is a lot more fun

Among the top new ventures in tourism, that became successful are sea holidays tour operators, providing sailing boat, motor boat, catamaran, yacht and motor sailor tours and destination exploration in Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia Pacific Regions.

More and more marine tour operators have to meet new consumer demand to stay 24/7 online by providing with free Wi-Fi aboard. As a result marine Wi-Fi providers emerged filling this market gap, such as European provider WaveWiFi, thwirie, caworldwi-fi etc.

‘Bicycle’ and discover the World

Active traveling tour providers in form of biking and walking are also becoming the new members of the fast growing biking industry. Some of the big international biking tour operators are offering biking tours in all six continents in famous part of the world.

Biking tour packages generally consist of all bike equipment set, chosen roads and trails, support guides as well as hotel reservation and dining.

New Market Niches

Market gaps fulfilling of which can led to the formation of new niche market are certainly should be considered as new opportunities for businesses. Smart segment targeting and high value added services provision are key factors in building successful tourism entity.

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