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Destination Marketing Success - Spain

Spain has been taking first place in the ranking for several years, so one might wonder where its success comes from.

Destination Marketing Success – Spain

Spain was chosen as the top destination according to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report prepared by World Economic Forum in 2015.

Spain has been taking first place in the ranking for several years, so one might wonder where its success comes from.

It is worth mentioning that Spain undertakes huge destination marketing campaigns and strategies in positioning itself as top destination in the world.

No doubt Spain has a lot cultural, historical and natural resources, however well designed destination marketing strategy plays crucial role as we can see from the fact, that other destinations with abundance of tourism resources could not get top ranking position from T&T Competitiveness Report.

Destination Marketing of Spain in international tourism arena is carried out by TURESPAÑA (Instituto de Turismo de Espana), independent governmental institution, which works in collaboration with the regional authorities and private sector to promote Spain in international markets.

It works together with Spanish Tourism Board and Interministerial Tourism Committee through its network of 33 Tourist Offices to ensure the implementation of country’s promotion campaigns.

TURESPAÑA plays triple role in developing and implementing Spain tourism policy by also improving areas which need more sustainable approach to development and advising other touristic organizations and authorities in establishing tourism policy strategy. It is public company under effective and efficient management and strives to improve itself in these areas in near future.

TURESPAÑA sets destination marketing strategy a year ahead and changes Spain’s branding slogan every year. First brand of Spain was developed in 1985 as Miro’s sun and remains till today.


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The slogans developed by TURESPAÑA for promoting Spain as top quality destination:

1985 – ESPAÑA es Simpatía – Spain is friendless

1987 – Everything under sun

1990 – Passion for life 1995 – Spain by… (Name of the Photographer)

1997 – Bravo Spain

2001 – Spain Marks

2005 – Smile! You are in Spain

2008 – 25 years going beyond the sun

2010 – I need Spain

Spain has fully captured and used the opportunities provided by modern media and other marketing channels as well as branding development to establish and sustain quality destination management. Carefully developed destination marketing strategy and implementation can take integral part in destination’s fate and future.

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