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Aviation Industry: Recent Numbers and Facts

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Aviation Industry: Recent Numbers and Facts

Commercial Aviation industry started its history in 1914 by the first scheduled passenger air flight from St. Petersburg to Tampa.

31 years later in 1945 International Air Transport Association (IATA) was formed in Havana, Cuba with an aim to provide safety, reliability and security for passengers around the globe.

IATA developed common standards, regulations and procedures into international aviation industry, serving its members through international recognition and lobbying, training, reducing costs etc.

After 70 years of existence it acts today as a union consisting of more than 260 airlines in more than 177 countries.


Passengers choose airline primarily based on direct flight, comprising 15% of respondents. The second place of 14% is taken by the criteria of lowest fare. 13% of respondents told that the reason of choosing an airline for them is frequent flyer programme.

The least important factor in choosing an airline company is inflight service, which got only 3% of total respondents’ answers.


According to IATA survey of passengers on screening processes, the least frustrating was fully body scans, while the most frustrating queuing time.


Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK) is a volume of passengers carried by an airline company. In the graphic we can see that at flight route from Middle East to North America RPK growth rate increased from 17% in 2013 to 33% in 2014. This fact is explained by improving economic conditions in United States and expanded capacity of Middle Eastern air carriers.

Route area Asia – Africa decreased from 12% to 2% in last year.

iata_net profit

Net profits from aviation industry have increased to $16 billions in 2014. In 2013 this number was $11 billions.

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